Lawyer lodges appeal Siegaue rapist does not accept sentence

After the revision of his prison term, Eric X, the defendant in the Siegaue case, has also appealed the new sentence. The Bonn district court had sentenced him to ten years.

The Siegaue rapist Eric X, who was sentenced by the district court for a second time last Friday to ten years imprisonment for particularly severe rape and serious extortion, is also not accepting this sentence. A spokesperson for the court confirmed on Monday that defence lawyer Martin Mörsdorf has appealed the sentence for the second time.

The case had to be heard a second time because the Federal Supreme Court, while confirming the guilty verdict in the first conviction to eleven and a half years imprisonment, had overturned the sentence and referred the length of sentence back to another Bonn criminal court for a review of criminal responsibility.

However, the 3rd criminal court also found, on the basis of expert opinion, that Eric X was criminally responsible when he attacked a couple camping in a tent in the Siegaue at the start of April 2017 and raped the female student. The lawyer explained he had first lodged the appeal as a precaution to comply with time limits.

(Original text: Rita Klein. Translation: kc)

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