Drug find in Siegburg Acrid smell put witnesses on the trail of a drug warehouse

Siegburg · Police made a major drug find in Siegburg after witnesses were alerted to an acrid smell in a warehouse. More than 170 kilogrammes of drugs were lying there.

 Police officers found marijuana in Siegburg on Monday. (Symbol picture)

Police officers found marijuana in Siegburg on Monday. (Symbol picture)

Foto: dpa/Carsten Rehder

The police discovered marijuana and amphetamine worth millions in a drug laboratory in Siegburg. The discovery was preceded by a tip-off from a witness who, at around 5.15 p.m. on Monday afternoon, alerted the police to an acrid smell near a warehouse on Siegburg's Hauptstraße. It smelled strongly of solvents, as the police reported on Wednesday.

The alarmed police found about 170 kilogrammes of marijuana and about two kilogrammes of amphetamine with a total value of millions in the warehouse. There were also three water tanks filled with earth in the warehouse, from which the acrid smell of chemicals emanated. The drugs were subsequently seized with the assistance of the Siegburg fire brigade. The hall was sealed for further investigation.

The police described in detail how the witnesses got on the trail of the drug warehouse: They had encountered a man at the warehouse who was said to have been evasive about the smell of chemicals. For this reason, the witnesses had looked around the warehouse and found "countless packages with suspected drugs". According to the witnesses, the man finally grabbed two packages and left the warehouse in the direction of a white van parked nearby, the registration number of which was said to start with „MG".

The Siegburg police are now looking for the unidentified man who fled: He is about 1.90 metres tall and about 35 to 40 years old. He is slim and has blond hair. He was dressed in blue jeans, a blue T-shirt and dark trainers.

Anyone who has any information about the suspect and/or the vehicle should contact the police immediately on 02241/541-3121.

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