Masks are compulsory in pedestrian zones Siegburg tightens corona rules dramatically

Siegburg · Due to the continuing rise of coronavirus cases, the city of Siegburg has tightened up its rules as of midnight. Every evening at 11 p.m., the city of Siegburg is now closed. In the entire pedestrian zone, masks are compulsory.

 Beginning Friday, October 16, masks are required throughout the entire Siegburg pedestrian zone.

Beginning Friday, October 16, masks are required throughout the entire Siegburg pedestrian zone.

Foto: Meike Böschemeyer/MEIKE BOESCHEMEYER

The city of Siegburg has reacted to the increasing number of corona infections and has tightened its corona rules as of midnight. As the administration announced on Thursday evening, the new general decree imposes restrictions in both private and public life in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Among other things, it stipulates that masks must be worn in the entire pedestrian zone and elsewhere if the prescribed social distancing cannot be maintained. There is also a curfew in Siegburg from 11 p.m. onwards and alcohol may only be served or consumed in public until 10 p.m.

Siegburg: 45 cases of coronavirus

According to Rhine Sieg district authorities, the number of persons with coronavirus in Siegburg has risen to 45. The district health office believes the trigger was a larger outbreak in a church community in Siegburg. The Siegburg city administration speaks of a continued dynamic spread of the virus. For days now, Siegburg has clearly exceeded the incidence rate threshold of 50 (number of new infections in the last seven days per 100,000 inhabitants).

Part of the new stricter corona rules stipulates that only groups of up to five people are permitted in public spaces. For private parties in public spaces and at home, the number of participants is limited to ten. For religious events, masks are compulsory, only the cantor is allowed to sing. In addition, the city is tightening the regulations for traceability in the restaurant industry.

(Orig. text: Nadine Quadt; Translation: ck)
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