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Crime in NRW: Significant reduction in number of burglaries in NRW

Crime in NRW : Significant reduction in number of burglaries in NRW

According to NRW Minister President Armin Laschet, three out of four violent crimes are now being solved. The state is heading for its best figures for 60 years.

Good news for the citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia: According to Minister President Armin Laschet (CDU), the number of criminal offences in the current year has fallen considerably compared with last year and the number of crimes being solved is rising. “The crime rate is clearly falling and at the same time the proportion of crimes being solved has risen to nearly 54 per cent,” Laschet told our editorial staff. He is especially pleased for police officers, to whom the CDU and FDP are giving “the necessary political support.”

If the proportion of cases being solved remains at 54 per cent at the end of the year, this would be the best figure for 60 years. The head of the CDU government said the successes of the security forces were particularly apparent in the fight against crimes with a significant impact on people because of the fear and uncertainty they cause. “Three out of four violent crimes are solved. We have again seen a significant reduction in the number of domestic burglaries: of 22.5 per cent.”

In 2017, the number of domestic burglaries had already fallen by 25 per cent year on year to just under 40,000. According to the NRW Ministry of the Interior, every second attempt fails because the perpetrators cannot get into the home or do not steal anything.

Laschet is also expecting a record low number of pickpocketing incidents at the end of the year. The level of street crime, which includes bicycle theft, car break ins or bodily injuries as well as pickpocketing, is set to reach its lowest level since the police crime statistics have been compiled.

„A pleasing development. However, we must also acknowledge that as far as domestic burglaries are concerned, we are coming out of a deep valley,“ says Michael Mertens, head of the police union in NRW.

In relation to the reduction in street crime, Mertens points to successes through video surveillance in public places. “This shows that, even in the digital age, police must be given more powers and this can lead to greater security.” The police unionist is concerned about the increase in violent crime in the state. “Violence is increasing and the attacks are getting more brutal.” The phenomenon of knife attacks has increased “from my subjective point of view.”

In the coming year, the state government wants to train 2400 new police officers. In the 2017 state government election campaign, the then opposition leader Armin Laschet sharply criticised the red-green state government’s domestic policy and promised a tougher approach to internal security. Original text: Michael Bröcker, Jan Drebes. Translation: kc