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Performance for Hannelore Kohl Foundation: Singer Adel Tawil speaks about the dangers of cranial injuries

Performance for Hannelore Kohl Foundation : Singer Adel Tawil speaks about the dangers of cranial injuries

The Hannelore-Kohl-Foundation wants to prevent severe brain injuries. Chairman Adel Tawil - a well-known German singer – distributes helmets to cyclists. In 2016 he suffered a severe fracture of his neck vertebrae.

An unfortunate fall with the bicycle, a failed jump, an accident with the car - there is a risk that the central nervous system has been affected with serious consequences. In order to help those affected, the "ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Stiftung" has been offering extensive counselling and financial support for rehabilitation measures since 1983, promoting research and providing information on risks nationwide. On Tuesday, the foundation held its traditional New Year's reception in its new premises in Fontainengraben.

The host, CNS President Adel Tawil, pointed out prevention measures. "Even a bicycle helmet can save lives", said the popular singer, who had made a stopover in Bonn on his way to a concert in Trier. "I stopped many cyclists in Berlin this summer who were travelling without this protection and gave them a helmet. We must raise public awareness of this issue.“

A demand that Robin Poliwoda, for example, can only agree to. The 32-year-old was in an artificial coma for two months after a serious bicycle accident in 2003 and then had to relearn almost everything. "Since that incident, I have been looking for people who can understand me and what goes on inside me," he explained. "I got to know the ZNS Foundation a few months ago when I went to a dance event organised by it for people with and without disabilities, and I immediately felt in good hands".

Tawil had a pool accident in 2016

Adel Tawil also knows the dangers of cranial injuries from her own experience. "In 2016 I jumped into a pool in Egypt, hit the bottom of the pool and suffered a quadruple fracture of the first cervical vertebra. The time afterwards was not easy, either for me or for my family. That's why the work of the Hannelore Kohl Foundation is so close to my heart.“

Among other things, she focuses on seminars at which those affected have to apply elements from rehabilitation in an unusual way. "We cook together, for example, which is a challenge for all those who are paralyzed on one side of the head due to a craniocerebral trauma," explained CNS Managing Director Helga Lüngen. "There are certainly techniques that can be used to overcome this handicap. We offer excursions to a climbing park, football workshops or events with Tanzhaus Bonn. It is important to us to fill the exercises with life to strengthen the affected persons. The move to the new premises would help to further expand the range of services.

On the occasion of the New Year's reception, the "ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Stiftung" was also pleased to receive donations from the district association of the Ahrweiler Mittelstandsvereinigung of the CDU and from master baker Josef Niethen.

(Original text: Thomas Kölsch; Translation: Mareike Graepel)