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Bonn city center: Sinn Leffers files for bankruptcy protection

Bonn city center : Sinn Leffers files for bankruptcy protection

Fashion house Sinn Leffers will restructure after filing for bankruptcy protection. There are 13 stores in NRW, with one in Bonn city center.

Fashion retailer Sinn Leffers filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday with a court in Hagen. Chief executive Friedrich-Wilhelm Göbel expressed optimism, however, that they would be able to rescue the business and retain most of the staff.

The clothing and accessories department store at Münsterplatz was taken over by the Rudolf Wöhrl AG in 2013. Christian Gerloff, the new manager in charge of restructuring at Wöhrl spoke of mistakes that had been made when Sinn Leffers was taken over in 2013. It is not the first time Sinn Leffers has filed for insolvency; it also did so in 2008 when around half of the 47 Sinn Leffers stores were closed down, including a large one at Cologne Neumarkt.

The bankruptcy filing is not expected to affect day to day operations at the fashion retailer. An employee at the Bonn Sinn Leffers store had not yet heard about the filing on Monday evening but commented, “Bankruptcy filing – we’re used to that already.”

Bankruptcy lawyer Thomas Kluth was named the head of restructuring efforts. With 22 stores throughout Germany, Sinn Leffers is one of the leading fashion chains and employs 1,259 people. 13 of the stores are in North Rhine Westphalia (NRW).

(Orig. text: Claudia Mahnke, Lena Klimkeit)