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Further deforestation planned: Six trees have to go for a wider Genscherallee

Further deforestation planned : Six trees have to go for a wider Genscherallee

The felling of the trees was only the beginning. This will be followed by the planned widening of the Genscherallee. The city hopes that cars and buses will be better able to get through the traffic there in the future.

The felling had been announced for some time, now the trees are no longer there: Six trees have fallen victim to the saw for the planned widening of the Genscherallee (former Walter-Flex-Straße). According to the city of Bonn, the widening is necessary because there would regularly be large backlogs on the Genscherallee in the direction of the B9, caused mainly by vehicles turning left. The crux of the matter: Bus lines 610 and 612 are also constantly stuck in traffic jams, because the narrow street space means that it is impossible to get past them.

The result is delays on both lines. Five more trees have to be felled at the UN Campus stop. According to the city administration, these are the last steps to complete the stop. Tree felling usually has to be completed by the end of February, because the birds' breeding season begins on 1 March. Additional bicycle parking facilities are to be built at the campus stop. The city is also planning to improve the routing for pedestrians and cyclists. This measure is supported by the state of NRW. Work on the footpath and cycle path is expected to begin in summer.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Mareike Graepel)