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GA listed: Smoothies and juices in Bonn and the region

GA listed : Smoothies and juices in Bonn and the region

They are known as vitamin bombs and pick-me-ups, they are healthy and detoxifying. Smoothies and freshly squeezed juices are very popular - and can be found on many menus in Bonn and the region. Here’s where you can find them…

Smoothies und frische Säfte in Bonn

Café Schöllers

A few months ago there was change of ownership in the small premises on Colmantstraße directly behind the main station in Bonn. Then just a few weeks ago, the Café Schöllers opened, serving coffee specialties and freshly squeezed juices. There are variations of the classic orange juice, and also cucumber, lemon and apple juices. Unusual ingredients include celery, coconut water, ginger and beetroot.

Address: Colmantstraße 5, 53115 Bonn

Opening times: Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6pm, Saturday 9am - 5pm

Contact: cafeschoellers@mail.de, cafe-schoellers.de


In the middle of the Viktoriaviertel there’s the Café Zucchini. The menu here offers everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner to extended coffee breaks - healthy food for all times of the day. Smoothie Bowls are particularly popular here in the Stockenstraße. Customers can choose if they would like to enjoy the „Avocado Bowl“ (with avocado, strawberries, almond milk, hemp and spinach) or the „Raspberry Smoothie Bowl“ (with raspberries, bananas, hemp, coconut yoghurt, cinnamon and coconut milk).

Address: Stockenstraße 12, 53113 Bonn

Opening times: Monday to Saturday, 10am - 6pm

Contact: (0228) 969 674 74, cafe-zucchini.de

Black Coffee Pharmacy

With branches in Rüngsdorf, Bonn’s south city and a mobile espresso bar, the Black Coffee Pharmacy is represented in the whole city. Both cafés offer freshly made smoothie bowls. The creations vary from a mix of mango, ginger and mint to a „green smoothie“ with spinach, banana, mint and mango.

Address: Bonner Talweg 46b, 53113 Bonn, as well as Konstantinstraße 2, 53179 Bonn

Opening times: South city: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-7pm; Rüngsdorf: Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday and Saturday 9am-7pm

Contact: black-coffee-pharmacy.com

Cassius Garten

Beside food for vegetarian, vegans and allergy sufferers the Cassius Garten at the Maximilianstraße has freshly squeezed juices on offer. Customers can choose between orange juice, sour cherry apple juice, orange banana juice or fresh organic carrot juice. They also serve smoothies made from six kinds of fruit. They can vary from lemons, melons and strawberries to sour cherries and grapefruit - season depending.

The Cassius Garten beside the Cassius bastion exists since 1989. It is practically the Grande Dame amongst the vegetarian and vegan places in Bonn. Nowadays most of the dishes are vegan. Beside salads and warm meals there are also vegan cakes and ice cream.

Address: Maximilianstraße 28d, 53111 Bonn

Opening times: Monday - Saturday 10am-8m

Contact: (0228) 652 429, cassiusgarten.de


The vegetarian and vegan restaurant Ananda is located in the pedestrian zone. If you want to pick a freshly squeezed juice, you’ll be spoilt for choice - there are countless variations of healthy pleasures available. The offers include juices like the „Tornado“, made from papaya, mango, orange and grapefruit, to the „Soldier of Fortune“, made from melon, pineapple, coconut, organic soy milk and sea buckthorn, or „Paradise Garden“, made from avocado, banana, melon, milk and coconut milk.

The restaurant also offers rice and pasta dishes, salads, soups and sweet desserts, all freshly made. Since the opening in 2015 the restaurant has been inspired by Asian cuisine.

Address: Acherstraße 12, 53111 Bonn

Opening times: Monday - Saturday, 10am-7pm

Contact: (0228) 909 31 07, ananda-bonn.de

Smoothies und frische Säfte in der Region

The Great Berry

„It is our aim to combine healthy and delicious food“, it says in the philosophy statement of „The Great Berry“. Not far from Cologne’s Friedensplatz, the restaurant offers many smoothies, smoothie bowls and freshly squeezed juices. Customers can choose from smoothies called „Blue Bird“ (with blueberries, bananas, moringa, mint, kefir, lemon and agave) or „Detox Bremer“ (spinach, chard, mint, avocado, ginger, wheatgrass, cucumber, hemp protein and argan oil). Smoothie bowls with toppings like coconut crisps, cashew nuts and goji berries are more filling.

Address: Limburger Str. 18, 50672 Köln

Opening times: Monday 11am-5pm, Tuesday - Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 10am-5pm

Contact: (0221) 455 805 54, thegreatberry.de


Not far from Cologne’s southern train station, the "Wndrfuel" attracts guests at the Zülpicher Straße. The café combines gastronomy and co-working and offers a menu full of coffee specialties like Cold Brew and superfoods like avocado bread and „Chibeta Salad“ with spinach and beetroot. Also, you can take your daily pick from three freshly made smoothies. You can choose between „Deep Purple Bowl“ (blueberries, banana, ginger and coconut flakes), the „Charlie Brown Bowl“ (peanut butter, cocoa, cinnamon, banana and rice milk) or a smoothie with apple, spinach, mango, lemon and mint.

Address: Zülpicher Str. 30, 50674 Köln

Opening times: Monday - Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday - Sunday 10am-8pm

Contact: (0221) 169 162 21, wndrfuel.de


On the Merowingerstraße in Cologne’s South City there’s the smoothie and juice bar called „Kaltpresse“. Freshly made drinks, homemade muesli and banana bread await. The menu doesn’t offer only juices made from apple, grapes, spinach and parsley but also smoothies made from fresh vegetables, so-called super-food and vegan milk drinks.

Address: Merowingerstraße 23, 50677 Köln

Opening times: Monday - Friday 8am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am-3pm

Contact: (0221) 993 098 68, kaltpresse.de

This is a list of cafés/restaurants in Bonn and the region, which makes no claim to be complete (n)or objective. The running order is not a ranking of any kind. The order is random and the places were picked in a subjective manner. If you think there is a café/restaurant missing that should be in there, please get in touch via online@ga.de, and we will be delighted to include it!