Thousands of households affected Smouldering fire causes power cut in Bad Godesberg

Bonn · There was a power cut in large parts of Bad Godesberg on Sunday evening. Thousands of households were without electricity. The reason for the failure is now known.

A smouldering fire in a distribution cabinet caused a power cut in large parts of Bad Godesberg on Sunday evening. The fire service said they were alerted at around 7pm because of smoke developing in a high voltage transformer substation. They said the fire was caused by an electrical short and went out on its own a short time later. The fire service said there were no people in the building at the time of the fire.

Before the emergency services could enter the building, they said extensive ventilation measures were taken using high pressure ventilators and power was also cut on the western network.

As Michael Henseler from SWB confirmed to the GA, there was a power failure in parts of Bad Godesberg from around 6.30pm. There was a medium voltage failure at the substation in Plittersdorf, which also caused smoke to develop. This is why the fire service was on site. “Colleagues from BonnNetz could first start to trace the fault and remedy it once the fire service had cleared the substation,” said Henseler. At 8.30pm, the “Nina” warning app also reported the power cut in the Plittersdorf area. More than 230 consumers had already reported a power cut in the Bad Godesberg area at

According to the Bonn Stadtwerke, employees from the Bonn-Netz electricity company worked on Sunday evening to restore the electricity supply to Plittersdorf by means of an additional supply bypassing the affected substation. Electricity was available again in all households by around 10.35pm. Work will continue on the substation on Monday to see how the smoke developed.

There are a total of twelve substations in Bonn. According to the Stadtwerke, the facility in Plittersdorf is one of the smaller ones and therefore supplies fewer households than a larger facility.

As recently as the end of June, a power cut paralysed parts of Bad Godesberg for around an hour.

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