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Weather in Bonn and the region: Snow and black ice warnings for Friday afternoon

Weather in Bonn and the region : Snow and black ice warnings for Friday afternoon

After an icy start to the week, temperatures will rise as we head into the weekend. The snow is expected to turn into rain, which will result in black ice in Bonn and the region.

In Bonn and the region there may still be occasional snowfall on Friday midday, but in the afternoon there will be rain coming to the region from the northwest. The thick cloud cover is expected to remain. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the scattered snowfall throughout NRW will turn into rain because of the rising temperatures. Where the rain meets frozen ground, black ice can develop.

On Saturday, especially in the first half of the night, the danger of black ice increases. Light snowfall in some parts can also occur.

As the day progresses, temperatures are expected to climb up to eight degrees, remaining rainy and gray. Sunday is also not promising any improvement. Temperatures remain in the single-digit range, and the sun is not expected to not make it through the thick cloud cover. Also the beginning of the week starts out rainy.

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Orig. text: ga.de Translation: Carol Kloeppel