Milder temperatures Snow expected Friday evening for Bonn and region

ESSEN/BERLIN · The start of the weekend will not only be chilly, but also white - even if the snow doesn’t stay for long. Fitting with the meteorological beginning of spring, the weather will become a bit milder.

It will not be a huge snowfall, but two to three centimeters are expected before Saturday morning. During the day on Saturday and Sunday, snow is supposed to fall only occasionally. Meanwhile, the temperatures will become milder, reaching seven degrees.

Just in time for the meteorological start of spring, Germany is gradually thawing. The German Weather Service (DWD) spoke of temperatures just over zero degrees from Thursday on. Still, the DWD warns that there may be strong gusts of wind. In the night to Friday, the wind was expected to decrease a bit. However, strong gusts are to be expected until Friday afternoon. At the weekend the permafrost is over just about everywhere. Highs of 12 degrees can be reached on the Upper Rhine and in the foothills of the Alps. In Bonn and the region, temperatures of up to 9 degrees Celsius are expected during the weekend.

The reason for the expected rise in temperatures is the low pressure area "Ulrike", which is carrying mild air from the Azores to Germany. At the same time, the area of high pressure brought in by "Hartmut" is weakening. It was responsible for bringing us the ice-cold polar air from the northeast

Although the record-breaking cold nights are probably over, especially in the south and west it could get even more uncomfortable for pedestrians and motorists in the coming days. It will not be that cold, but with the expected low pressure area, it could occasionally rain or snow - resulting in slippery streets.

On Friday evening in Bonn and the region, with the last of the chilly weather around minus 7 degrees, it is expected to snow. However, on Saturday morning, this turns into sleet and in the evening, it will be rain. Due to the low temperatures in the night from Saturday to Sunday, there may be slippery roads.

The snow and frost will leave us at the latest on Sunday, but with that - the sunny weather also departs. Then we can expect cloudy days with rain, and temperatures reaching six to nine degrees.

Orig. text: Translation: Carol Kloeppel

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