Couple killed in Weilerswist Son, 30, was probably under the influence of drugs

Weilerswist · A 30-year-old is suspected to have killed his parents in Weilerswist on Tuesday. A homicide squad of the Bonn police is investigating. There are indications that the son was under the influence of drugs during the crime.

 Ein 30-Jähriger soll in dem Haus seine Eltern erstochen haben.

Ein 30-Jähriger soll in dem Haus seine Eltern erstochen haben.

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Red and white barrier tape flutters in the wind around the well-kept detached house in Weilerswist. A neighbour who lives in the immediate vicinity of the building in which two people were killed late on Tuesday evening is still stunned on Thursday morning by what is said to have happened in the building with the orange-red bricks.

On Wednesday a magistrate in Bonn issued an arrest warrant for a 30-year-old man from Weilerswist, who is said to have killed his 62-year-old father and his 60-year-old mother in a quarrel during the night to Wednesday. The front door was still sealed by the police on Thursday. Some arrows glued to the door frame indicate forensic evidence.

"Absolutely nothing has pointed to this drama", the neighbour told the General-Anzeiger. She describes her neighbours as "very friendly, nice and sociable - also their son", says the woman. On Tuesday, the day of the shocking act, she had spoken to the 60-year-old mother of the suspect and "everything was all right", said the neighbour.

Mother called the police before being stabbed to death

On Tuesday evening at 8.09 pm the mother had dialled the police call and informed the police officers on the telephone that her son was attacking her husband. Shortly after, the conversation abruptly ended, the police reported in a statement.

When police officers arrived in Euskirchen a little bit later, they found the 60-year-old woman and her 62-year-old husband lifeless and covered in blood. Both died at the scene of the crime from their serious stab wounds.

On the first floor of the house, the officers discovered the 30-year-old son of the couple in his room. The policemen seized a knife from him, from which they assume on the basis of the evidence that it was used as the murder weapon. On Tuesday evening, the Bonn Criminal Investigation Department, which is responsible for capital crimes in the Euskirchen district, set up a homicide squad under the direction of Chief Commissioner Norbert Lindhorst in close coordination with Chief Public Prosecutor Robin Faßbender.

30-year-old wanted to flee

After the called policemen had questioned the 30-year-old about the events in the single-family house, he had tried to flee, reported Chief Public Prosecutor Robin Faßbender. However, the officers succeeded in overpowering and arresting the man in front of his parents' house despite considerable resistance.

In a first interrogation, the suspect admitted a "massive use of force" against his father and mother, according to Faßbender. As a confession, however, this statement is not yet to be evaluated, since the statements must first be checked. The 30-year-old, who lived under the same roof as his parents, had also commented on the motivation for his deed; the senior public prosecutor did not give details with regard to "further necessary investigations in this matter". It was certain, however, that the son had inflicted "numerous knife wounds" on his parents.

Indications suggest influence of drugs

"There is evidence," says Faßbender, "that the suspect was under the influence of drugs and alcohol during the crime." In addition, investigators have learned that the son was suffering from a mental illness. The effect this illness had on the person arrested is still part of the investigation. It is also unclear whether he learned and practised a profession. All that is certain is that he is currently unemployed and is currently taking part in a retraining measure of the Federal Employment Agency, according to the senior public prosecutor.

A neighbour of the victims describes the 30-year-old as an "inconspicuous and always friendly person". She could not explain such an outbreak of violence. The shock was deep throughout the neighbourhood. "It's a drama," she said.

*First, the police had mistakenly informed Bonn that the crime had taken place in Swisttal. This has since been corrected by the control centre in response to enquiries. The criminal police in Bonn is responsible for capital crimes in the district of Euskirchen.

(Original text:Mario Quadt, Axel Vogel,Translation:Mareike Graepel)

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