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Infection chain broken?: South African mutation spreads in Bonn

Infection chain broken? : South African mutation spreads in Bonn

Around 60 per cent of all new infections in the city area are now caused by coronavirus mutations, the health department reports. The South African variant, which first appeared in Bonn last week, is also playing an increasing role.

Infections with mutated corona viruses have increased significantly in Bonn within a few days. Last Thursday, the city administration reported 597 cases since 28 January, but by Wednesday the number had risen to 812, including 799 cases of the British variant, according to city spokeswoman Monika Hörig.

But the South African variant, which is considered particularly contagious, is also spreading in Bonn: Last week, two cases were registered, now there are already eleven. No further details were available from the city administration on Wednesday. It therefore remained unclear whether all cases belong to the same chain of infection and whether this could be interrupted. According to media reports, there are indications that the South African mutation could bypass the human body's immune response and thus lead to a renewed infection with Covid-19. People who have already been infected with the corona virus could then potentially become infected with this variant a second time.

Corona cases in 14 day-care centres and 16 schools

In the case of the Brazilian mutation, the press office continues, there have been only two infections in Bonn. According to the city, the share of mutations in all new infections has risen from 54.4 to 60.2 per cent since last week. There are 333 people in quarantine with the British variant and eleven people with the South African variant.

Currently, 633 citizens of Bonn are infected. The incidence rate has risen slightly to 112.2. The city administration continues to speak of a "diffuse infection occurrence" and of individual cases in 14 day-care centres and 16 schools. At the request of the GA, the press office provided a list of the facilities: According to this, as of Wednesday, there are four day-care centres in which two cases have occurred - formally, this is already considered an outbreak. Among the schools, there was only one with multiple infections: the Erich Kästner primary school with three cases.

The number of Covid-19-related deaths in Bonn has risen to 208. The most recent fatality is a 90-year-old woman. According to the press office, the health department has no information on previous illnesses. There are 76 Corona patients from Bonn and the surrounding area in the hospitals. Forty-five people are being cared for in normal wards; 31 are in intensive care, 25 of whom have to be ventilated.

The municipal crisis team has decided not to put the public fountains into operation - as it did in 2020. This is to avoid crowds that often form at such installations. In normal years, the fountain season starts at Easter.

(Original text: Andreas Baumann; Translation: Mareike Graepel)