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Witness reports shooting: Special forces arrest man in Poppelsdorf

Witness reports shooting : Special forces arrest man in Poppelsdorf

Police went out on Tuesday afternoon to an operation in the street Am Botanischen Garten in Bonn-Poppelsdorf. A man is said to have fired a shot there. The suspect was arrested.

Special police forces arrested a man suspected of having fired a shot in Poppelsdorf on Tuesday evening. A witness alerted the police after a shot was fired, police spokesman Robert Scholten said at the scene. The arrest took place in an apartment in the Wielstrasse. The suspect was arrested without resistance, no one was injured.

As Scholten communicated, the suspect is in the possession of several registered weapons. So far he is not known to the police. Before the police seized the suspect, surrounding houses were evacuated due to the dense development. According to Scholten, residents and employees of an adjacent business reacted "very calmly."

Police forces searched the suspect's apartment and a garage in the evening. The goal was to find the man's weapons, he said.

The police had initially spoken about 17.10 o'clock of a dangerous situation in a residential building, in which there was no danger for the population. The street Am Botanischen Garten as well as Wielstraße were closed.

Police have started investigations into the exact circumstances of the incident.

Further reporting will follow.

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Translation: Mareike Graepel