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Vandalism on the B9: Speed camera trailer in Mehlem damaged again

Vandalism on the B9 : Speed camera trailer in Mehlem damaged again

The grey trailer on the B9 in Mehlem, which was only repaired a few days ago, has again been sprayed with paint.

Only a few days ago, unknown persons sprayed the screen of the speed camera on the B9 with black paint. The grey trailer in the south of Bad Godesberg was sprayed again at the weekend and put out of action. It also seems to have been moved: it now not standing completely on the hard shoulder but partly on the verge.

It only took a short time before the speed camera was working again last time. The city of Bonn rents the measuring trailer from the manufacturer, who is obliged to repair and clean the machine as quickly as possible it if it is damaged through vandalism. “Damage of the same or a similar kind has been rather rare lately. This shows, however, that particularly at new measuring locations, the incidence of damage through vandalism is higher at the start,” says the city administration.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach. Translation: Kate Carey)