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Incident on the South Bridge: Spilled transformer oil causes traffic chaos in Bonn

Incident on the South Bridge : Spilled transformer oil causes traffic chaos in Bonn

Oil from a transformer loaded on an articulated lorry leaked onto the approach road to the South Bridge on Thursday. It caused traffic chaos in Bonn.

Leaked oil from a transformer caused traffic chaos in Bonn. The incident had wide-reaching effects on traffic in the government quarter and beyond. Traffic was largely at a standstill on the B9 and adjacent side streets. The traffic jam stretched back as far as Bad Godesberg.

Motorway police said an articulated lorry loaded with transformers and combined heat and power units was on its way from Bad Godesberg to the South Bridge (Bad Godesberg approach road) at around 3.20pm on Thursday afternoon, when, according to initial information, a securing strap tore as it braked in front of a traffic light. Two transformers then hit each other causing a leak and transformer oil to spill out over a distance of 500 metres. The approach road was closed as a result.

Fire fighters and environmental officials were able to prevent the oil from leaking into the sewerage system. A specialist company emptied the damaged transformer and transported the oil in a separate tanker. The road maintenance department was then able to completely remove the remaining oil traces.

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