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Annual charts: Spotify favourites by Bonn people

Annual charts : Spotify favourites by Bonn people

A glance at the charts of the streaming service Spotify shows which music the people of Bonn especially like to listen to. In addition to synth pop and electro, a certain form of rap music is also popular.

With Ludwig van Beethoven, Bonn has produced timeless greatness in the history of music. However, according to the charts of the music streaming service Spotify, the composer doesn't get as much attention in his hometown anymore. Modern music by contemporary artists is particularly popular there.

According to a listing of the company, the most popular song of the Bonners in 2018 at Spotify was the title "Nevermind" by the Israeli musician Dennis Lloyd, who was born as Nir Tibor. With his catchy mix of synthpop and R&B, he has made it to number 1 on the local list.

The top position is followed by the title "In My Mind" by DJ Dynoro, a musical collage of several models of electronic music, including "L'amour toujours" by Gigi D'Agostino. 3rd place goes to "God's Plan" by Canadian rapper Drake.

A complete list of the 20 most heard titles in Bonn can be found here: https://infogram.com/spotify-charts-fur-bonn-nach-liedern-1h7v4pr13oqj2k0

A look at the most listened-to performers in Bonn for the year 2018 reveals a strong inclination of the people of Bonn to rap music. The Berlin rapper with Russian roots Capital Bra (born as Vladislav Balovatsky) leads the hit list and also made it to the top of the regular album charts nationwide.

Capital Bra is stylistically known for his street rap, which often deals with violence and crime. The Hamburg rapper Bonez MC, who has been in the music business since 2006, makes it to second place. The US-American rapper Eminem comes in third. In addition to Capital Bra, other German rappers such as Kollegah and Bushido are also strongly represented in the Bonn Spotify charts.

With David Guetta, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande also softer pop tones blend into the musical mood. The fact that German rap is particularly well received in Bonn is also shown by their own musical roots, such as the interpreter Xatar – whose real name is Giwar Hajabi and who has already made a name for himself in the scene with his criminal past by robbing an armored car.

Bonn is also sung about by its own young musicians. For example the formation GHL with the title "Sommer in Bonn" (Summer in Bonn), whose song in 2017 delivered a declaration of love to their hometown (even if it sometimes seemed a tad awkward).

Here are the most popular artists according to Bonn people: https://infogram.com/spotify-charts-fur-bonn-nach-interpreten-1h7v4pr19jm82k0 Original text: Andreas Dyck Translation: Mareike Graepel