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Lots of sun, less social distancing : Spring weather causes traffic jams and crowds of visitors in Bonn

Lots of sun, less social distancing : Spring weather causes traffic jams and crowds of visitors in Bonn

Many people in Bonn took advantage of the spring-like weather to get out for a walk or do sports outdoors this weekend. It was particularly crowded in the Rheinaue on Sunday afternoon. There was lots of traffic and a high volume of visitors.

Sunshine and temperatures up to 19 degrees Celsius in Bonn and the region lured many people to get outdoors over the weekend. On Sunday, many visitors made their way to the banks of the Rhine in Bonn. At the Rheinaue, there was heavy traffic and a large number of visitors from the afternoon onwards. Repeatedly, one could see that people were not social distancing as required. There were also larger groups of people gathered. Hardly anyone wore masks outdoors in the fresh air. Long queues formed in front of the ice cream vendors.

The city's public order service recorded more than 100 call-outs on Saturday alone. "You can say that the weekend resembled a summer weekend in terms of the volume of calls," said city spokesman Marc Hoffmann when asked. On Sunday, the public order office also received many calls, he said. "People were drawn outdoors by the very nice weather, and there was a lot of activity in the Rheinaue and on the banks of the Rhine, among other places," Hoffmann said. Various violations of the corona rules were recorded and penalized, for example, because of crowding. Around 40 parking tickets were written in the vicinity of the Rheinaue parking lot. The city announced that it would continue monitoring popular areas in the city in the coming days.

It was also busy in other places. Many people were out on sports fields, which were closed and will only open up for one to two people or people of one household starting this Monday, Hoffmann explained further. "On the sports field at Hohe Straße, there were 80 people found there during a control, it was much too crowded and (people were) without masks." The crowd was dispersed, and complaints were filed against four "unreasonable persons", Hoffmann said.

Besides the Rheinaue, many people gathered on both sides of the Rhine at the riverbanks. On the Beuel promenade, some people pushed past each other to get by. Most people were nevertheless visibly eager to keep their distance and to adhere to corona rules. At the children's playground in the Waldau, families were sometimes sitting close together.

It became extremely crowded due to the high volume of traffic and visitors on the Rodderberg in the early afternoon on Sunday. Parking spaces at the hikers' parking lot above the Broichhof quickly became scarce, causing motorists to park on the access road as well as on green spaces in the nature reserve. Since the only access road was narrowed down because of parked cars and pedestrians, there were some dicey traffic situations involving drivers who wanted to take Rodderbergstrasse to begin their drive home. Only the fewest of people wore masks.

Police did not record any major violations. "It's all within an average range (of violations), and by and large, the rules are being adhered to," a spokesman for the Bonn police said on Sunday. Only sporadically, he said, there were calls that individuals were not adhering to the corona protection rules. Especially on the banks of the Rhine, many people had taken advantage of the spring-like weather for a walk or to do sports. The situation in Cologne was similar, according to a police spokesman: and although there was considerably more going on than during bad weather, it was "not in such a way that it was worrying."

According to the German Weather Service (DWD), temperatures are expected to remain spring-like in the coming days: "It will also be sunny for the next few days," said a DWD meteorologist on Sunday.

The highs are expected to be between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius. Especially in the Ruhr area and the Rhineland, it could reach 20 degrees. According to the DWD, it will remain dry but there may be some cloud cover moving through. In the morning, fog is also to be expected, said the DWD meteorologist.

(Orig. text: Andreas Dyck, Joshua Bung, Sylvia Binner, Axel Voegel, with material from dpa / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)