Swastika on a wall and painted patrol cars State security investigates vandalism in Bad Godesberg

Bad Godesberg · During Tuesday night, unknown culprits painted vehicles of the public order office and sprayed a swastika on the outer wall of a building. The state security is investigating.

During the night from Monday to Tuesday, unknown perpetrators sprayed red paint on four vehicles of the „Ordnungsamt“, four buildings as well as several traffic signs and waste containers on Kurfürstenallee. Both the city of Bonn and the police confirmed this upon request. Criminal charges were filed for damage to property in 16 cases. The Facebook page "Bad Godesberg online" had first reported the incident.

According to police spokesperson Robert Scholten, state security has started the investigation. The reason for this is a swastika that the perpetrators sprayed on the outer wall of a building. The material damage occurred between 8 pm on Monday and 6 am on Tuesday. "So far we cannot say anything about the motivation for the crime", Scholten said. In recent years, however, vehicles belonging to the public order office have frequently been damaged or smeared with paint.

The city's press office also confirmed that tyres on official vehicles had already been slashed or door locks destroyed with superglue in the past. "This is behaviour that we cannot tolerate or dismiss as a bad joke," a spokeswoman stressed. As a precaution, the vehicles will now be parked in front of the better-lit city hall.

The police are asking witnesses to come forward and to call 0228/150.

(Original text: Judith Nikula, Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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