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Restaurant Guide: Stellwerk Meckenheim offers American cuisine

Restaurant Guide : Stellwerk Meckenheim offers American cuisine

The General-Anzeiger highlights a series of restaurants, cafés, pubs and wine bars on a regular basis. This week, the spotlight is on Stellwerk Meckenheim, which offers up burgers and ribs and other American cuisine.

Stellwerk Meckenheim

American restaurant and bar in the old Meckenheim train station.

Owners: Jens and Katharina Pfannkuch have owned and operated the eating establishment since November of 2019

Facilities: Three areas: Winter garden with light brown leather chairs and dark gray upholstered armchairs (80 seats), brasserie with dark green seat cushions and nostalgic lamps (40 seats), and the bar area

Outdoor service: Outdoor terrace with seating for 100, mostly in a covered area

Food: Hamburger (200 grams) made from US prime beef 11.90 euros, spare ribs (700 grams) from the smoker with steakhouse fries and barbecue sauce 17.90 euros, Stellwerk chocolate brownie with raspberry sauce and passion fruit sorbet 7.50 euros

Beverages: Gaffel Kölsch, Bitburger Pils and Bitburger Kellerbier (0.3l) 2.80 euros each, Drachenländer (0.3l) and Erdinger light Hefeweizen (0.5l) 3.90 euros each. Stellwerk Blueberry Hugo 5.50 euros and ten open wines (0.2l) starting at five euros.

Special offers: Mon-Sat (8:30-11:30) breakfast buffet for 9.50 euros

Clientele: Lovers of steaks, burgers and barbecue

What they say: "Stellwerk Meckenheim is a meeting place for young and old - morning, noon and night," says host Jens Pfannkuch.

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8:30am - midnight, Sun 10 am- 11pm. Open every day.

Address: Bahnhofstr. 32, 53340 Meckenheim, www.stellwerk-meckenheim.de

Phone: (0 22 25) 70 99 545

(Orig. text: Hagen Haas / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)