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Fire department called: Stolen car rolls into the Rhine in Bonn

Fire department called : Stolen car rolls into the Rhine in Bonn

The Bonn fire department was called to the Rhine in Bonn-Castell on Wednesday morning at around 9:30am. A car had rolled into the river. According to police, it was a stolen car.

Police say they received a call on Wednesday morning because of a vehicle spotted in the Rhine. It was about 9:30 am when they arrived at the street Am Schänzen in Bonn-Castell. A caller, who was not the owner of the car, had alerted police. At least five fire engines were also at the scene. The vehicle's antenna was visibly sticking out of the water but it was determined that there were no persons in the car.

Police suspect that the car had rolled into the Rhine. The vehicle was pulled out of the water with a winch and handed over to police for further investigation. The fire department removed leaked oil from the Rhine with the help of a floating substance.

Divers from the water rescue organization DLRG had initially been requested but authorities put a stop to their operation before they arrived. The fire department emergency crew had already been able to determine that no persons were in the submerged vehicle.

Police confirmed at noon that the car had previously been reported stolen. No further information about the theft itself or the owner was made available.

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