Bonn virologist Streeck does not predict a devastating corona wave in the autumn

Bonn · Since the loosening of corona restrictions, we have heard repeated warnings of a second, devastating corona wave in autumn. Virologist Hendrik Streeck does not expect such serious implications in Bonn. But he does not give the all-clear either.

 Virologist Hendrik Streeck with a bust of Robert Koch.

Virologist Hendrik Streeck with a bust of Robert Koch.

Foto: Nicolas Ottersbach

Virologist Hendrik Streeck Streeck considers there to be a low risk of coronavirus infection in Bonn for the individual. “If we currently have around 39 active cases and we assume that there are perhaps five times as many unreported cases, then we are at a level where infection is rather unlikely,” he says. Nevertheless, he still urges caution and does not give the all-clear.

In an unfortunate case, a so-called superspreader could infect five other people at once, which would then lead to hotspot outbreaks - as recently happened, for example, during a church service in the state of Hesse. Streeck does not expect a second, devastating wave, as some experts assume. Instead, he believes that fewer transmissions will be seen in the summer and then more in the autumn.

To gain a better understanding of SARS-CoV-2 and human immunity to it, Streeck wants to initiate a study in Bonn - provided that there are funds available and enough volunteers from the population to be examined. Currently, doctors in the laboratories of the University Hospital in Bonn are only finding a few positive results in the tests that have been carried out. “There are sometimes days when we don't have any,” says Streeck. Through the Institute for Human Genetics and Life&Brain GmbH, testing capacities have been increased to up to 1000 tests per day, and even more are possible.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach, Translation: Caroline Kusch)

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