For curious gourmets Street Food Festival in Bad Godesberg

Bad Godesberg · Visitors can expect dishes with an international flair at the Street Food Festival in Bad Godesberg this weekend. The General-Anzeiger had a look around in advance of the food frenzy.

Who wouldn’t like to eat their way through a landscape filled with all kinds of different foods? A chance to try every dish one could want or imagine. Bite into juicy burgers, try out sweet and exotic noodle dishes from Asia, along with Mexican specialties - with fried ice cream as dessert.

If that kind of dream sounds good to you, there will be an opportunity to taste unusual and “authentic delicacies from all parts of the world" this weekend in Bad Godesberg, according to the organizer.

The street food market will take place for the second time in Bad Godesberg and offers curious visitors a culinary trip around the world. On Saturday, August 5 and Sunday, August 6, food fest fans will be able to sample international dishes at the food stands, food tents and food trucks. 25 professional and hobby chefs will offer their dishes to the public.

At the heart of the food fest is enthusiasm for cooking, which is why not only professionals will have the chance to entertain guests. From burgers to Asian cuisine, to slow food from the smoker or vegan and vegetarian dishes, everything is on hand. Because a street food market is about diversity and curiosity. Visitors should gain insight into the food culture of different nations. And the food is prepared freshly on the spot. At more than twenty food trucks, visitors can watch as ingredients are used with finesse in preparing unique dishes.

International street kitchen

All of this corresponds to the principle of “street food” as conceptualized by the organizers, “Food Lovers” of Ruhrpol GmbH in Bochum. As they see it, international street food has nothing in common with fast food. Only fresh ingredients are used and the dishes are prepared in front of the guests’ eyes. In many countries, food trucks and mobile kitchens offer selected dishes at affordable prices and are part of the cityscape. The snacks are prepared quickly and freshly, and can be eaten on the spot or taken away.

In keeping with the motto of “Food Lovers,” the street food market wants to bring the concept of “food with love” to all Bad Godesbergers. Besides the culinary experience, it’s also about the exchange with other cultures and the joy of cooking and eating. Ultimately, enjoyment is key; food is a social experience and not just about quenching hunger and thirst. Visitors can also expect musical entertainment. According to "Food Lovers", it is "important that every single visitor goes home happy, satisfied and inspired."

Orig. Text: Sophie HamannTranslation: ckloep

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