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Burritos, burgers and more: Streetfood Festival on the weekend in Bonn’s Old Town

Burritos, burgers and more : Streetfood Festival on the weekend in Bonn’s Old Town

There will be a variety of food specialties and beverages at the Streetfood Festival in Bonn's Old Town this weekend. Visitors can expect stuffed corn patties from Venezuela, twisted ice cream rolls and many other delicious treats.

A Streetfood Festival with various food stalls and drink stands will be in Bonn's Old Town on Saturday, October 23, and Sunday, October 24, located at Heerstrasse 137.

"Look forward to juicy burgers, homemade burritos, exotic food from Indonesia, Thailand or Venezuela," announced Ramon Wiener, managing director of the event. This time around, the food festival will take place in the heart of the Old Town. There will also be drink stalls offering coffee, cocktails and wine.

On Saturday, the food stands open from 12 to 10 pm, and on Sunday from 12 to 8 pm. Admission is free of charge. Visitors must prove at the entrance that they are vaccinated, recovered or tested. (Orig. text: ga / Translation: ck)