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Bad Godesberg city park: Summer fest with more than 60 clubs

Bad Godesberg city park : Summer fest with more than 60 clubs

Coming up on Saturday, June 23 is the annual Bad Godesberg summer festival, where more than 60 clubs will be on hand to provide entertainment and fun for young and old alike. World Cup soccer will also be shown on a giant screen.

More than 60 clubs, dances and other performances, food and drinks, and soccer on the big screen: this is what’s in store for the 44th summer festival in the Stadtpark (city park) in Bad Godesberg on Saturday, June 23. Between 12 and 10 pm, it will become quite full around the Stadthalle building. "It's an important time of the year," says District Mayor Simone Stein-Lücke, who officially opens the festival at 1:30 pm with Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan. Afterwards, the new Bad Godesberg royalty couples (carnival) introduce themselves. The entertainment program on that stage begins at 12 pm.

On two other stages, more will be on offer, including folk dance and a brass band. Carnival cadets will offer games to play and serve up delicious cakes and hot waffles. More than 1,000 volunteers are expected to be on hand to make it an enjoyable day for visitors.

One act, the “Domstürmer”, was moved up to 6pm to accommodate the World Cup soccer that follows. Following their performance, one can cheer on the German team while watching the big screen that will be set up there. Negotiations with Fifa for permission to show the game on the public screen were not easy but a license was obtained, said co-organizer Maria Meißner. “We don’t do all of this just for soccer fans but for all fans from Bad Godesberg.” Stein-Lücke thanked all sponsors and helpers and said, “Cities and their districts thrive on active cooperation and the participation of members of their communities. The huge number of clubs and institutions which present themselves year after year at the festival in the city park shoes how diverse and lively life is in Bad Godesberg.”

For children at the festival, there will be rides on vehicles from Bonnorange, the city maintenance division, as well as a climbing tower and a bouncy castle. And those who want can try to balance on a slack-line. After the successful festival premier last summer by the “Banana Flank Bonn Rhine-Sieg” in the soccer tournament, it will take place this year again on the main grounds.

Further information is available at www.bonn.de/@godesberger-sommerfest or from Maria Meißner at 0228/773180, maria.meissner@bonn.de.

(Orig. text: Richard Bongartz, Translation: ck)