Weather to begin the week Sun and up to 27°C in Bonn

Bonn · It’s perfect grilling weather to welcome in the new week. Finally, May is showing off its sunny side in Bonn and the region.

It began with rather mild temperatures on the weekend, but in many places the skies opened up with some heavy rain showers. The beginning of the week is finally beginning to look more friendly.

On Monday, the high is expected to reach 21°C, with mostly sunny skies. In the evening, it could get a bit cloudy. The night will stay relatively warm with around 10°C. This is good news for garden hobbyists who won’t need to worry about ground frost.

It will be a little bit warmer on Tuesday with a high of 25°C forecasted. Still the highest temperatures are to come on Wednesday with bright sunshine and 27°C. All barbecue and outdoor friends can look forward to some perfect weather for activities under the sun.

Orig. text: Hannah Pfundt | Translation: Carol Kloeppel

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