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November 8: Sunday shopping canceled due to coronavirus

November 8 : Sunday shopping canceled due to coronavirus

The city has decided to cancel the Sunday shopping day planned for November 8 due to the Corona Protection Ordinance. An emergency decision on the matter has already taken place. Five other days of Sunday shopping are still possible.

The authorization for stores to open this coming Sunday has been revoked in an urgent repeal made by the city. The stores were to open on November 8 from 1pm to 6pm. City deputy spokesman Marc Hoffmann provided the information to General Anzeiger in response to an inquiry.

The City Marketing Association had teamed up with a group of retailers in the city center, planning a special event to go along with the store openings, including exhibitions and food stands at the larger public squares. The theme for the event was "Ludwig strahlt" (Ludwig shines or Ludwig is glowing).

The cancellation of the event is due to the new Corona Protection Ordinance. It has been in effect since this Monday and includes a provision that events may not take place in November. Likewise, restaurateurs are not allowed to open their stores during the entire month of November.

The city council had previously agreed to Sunday shopping for one day in September and on November 8, with hygiene measures in place. At that time, it could not have been known how the pandemic would develop in Bonn.

Five Sunday shopping days still possible

It is unclear at this time as to how many retailers would want to participate in the other scheduled Sundays which are still planned: November 29, December 6, 13 and 20, January 3. The Corona Protection Ordinance in effect as of November 1 expressly permits five Sunday shopping days, approval is not needed by the city council. The reason for allowing the stores to be open on Sundays is that the state government wants to accommodate retailers in these difficult times of the pandemic. It also reasoned that more open days of shopping would spread out the flow of visitors in the city center, helping to reduce the spread of infection. Currently, stores are not allowed to admit more than one customer per ten square meters of sales space.

(Orig. text: Philipp Königs / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)