October 10 Sunday shopping in Bonn city center

Bonn · The stores in Bonn city center will be open for shopping on Sunday, October 10. At the same time, a "Beethoven rally" and other Beethoven-themed activities will take place.

 A Sunday shopping day in 2020.   

A Sunday shopping day in 2020.  

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

City-marketing Bonn is planning a Sunday shopping day and a "Beethoven rally" to attract visitors to Bonn's city center on October 10. Organizers have come up with a hygiene protocol which has been approved by the city.

There will be various Beethoven-themed attractions on five city squares in Bonn city center. In addition, special commemorative walks through the entire city center will lead participants to various sites affiliated with Ludwig van Beethoven and also to various shops. Stores will be open on Sunday from 1 to 6 p.m.

Event will be "significantly smaller" than usual

Exhibitions and gastronomic offers are also planned on Münsterplatz, Friedensplatz and Marktplatz. But the event, formerly also known as "Bonn-Fest", will be significantly smaller than previous open Sundays in Bonn, according to the city.

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