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Attraction for bloggers and influencers: "Supercandy House" opens in Cologne

Attraction for bloggers and influencers : "Supercandy House" opens in Cologne

A new interactive attraction has opened in Cologne and it is pink, very pink. At 20 different stations, it offers visitors the perfect photo backdrop for Instagram, Snapchat and the like.

It’s a paradise for lovers of pink, all shades of pink: the “Supercandy House” in Cologne. The pink factory building opened its doors this week, offering a colorful exhibition of sweets, balloons and confetti which visitors can walk through. At 20 different stations, visitors can take photos with the colorful props. "This is the total girl's dream," says visitor Kerstin Alexander, as she climbs out of the pink ball pool. She works in an advertising agency and she and her team took a day off to explore the sweet hands-on exhibition - and to take pictures of each other.

The "Supercandy House" is mainly an attraction for bloggers and influencers, explains CEO Frank Karch. "This is about the photo backdrop, the details. Non-influencers do not understand this." To make the experience perfect, there are also make-up mirrors and changing rooms. Many of the predominantly young visitors have brought several outfits for the photos, some even schlepping along whole suitcases. Visitors can bounce around here for up to two hours.

Karch said he got the idea for an interactive museum from the USA. Cologne is the first location for this non-permanent pink attraction, it begins there and moves on to other cities. He says the search for suitable locations is difficult. The current “Supercandy House” was not always painted pink. "There used to be a printing house here. That had to close, probably also due to digitization" says Karch. Now digital devices are celebrated in the redesigned rooms. And at the end of the day, it is actually a farewell party. After the end of the exhibition on December 30, the building is supposed to be demolished.

(Orig. text: dpa; Translation: ck)