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IBIS musical: Superstan rescues the city

IBIS musical : Superstan rescues the city

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Superstan, on stage at the Independent Bonn International School in a children’s musical this week.

The Independent Bonn International School (IBIS) is known for its commitment beyond the classroom. In a colourful musical on Tuesday morning, pupils were able to prove this once again. The 54 pupils only needed four weeks to confidently perform the children’s musical “The Amazing Adventures of Superstan” word-perfectly. The musical, in the school’s auditorium, was well-attended by the children’s parents and delighted both the audience and teaching staff.

The start of the play is action-packed. Superstan takes on a bully, but the scene in fact only takes place in a dream Stanley, a clumsy, young sweet seller from Megaville, has. Shortly afterwards, the mayor invites the residents to an awards ceremony in which Stanley’s rival, the Candy King, will be honoured as a hero of the city. Stanley’s dream seems to come to an abrupt end, he loses his job and enrols in the armed forces. A short time later it transpires that his rival is in fact a villain, who wants to rule the entire world by using hypnotic sweets and a remote control to control time.

Stanley’s grandmother therefore decides to give her grandson the secret Formula 44 and elastic anti-gravity underpants, which give him superhuman powers. His arch rival is already planning the removal of the mayor and ruthlessly oppresses the minions in his factory. Fully convinced he has to ensure truth, freedom and justice prevail, he fights his way past a clown duo that can stop time and a team of scientists forced to carry out research for the Candy King. In an epic final fight, Superstan manages to shrink his rival to miniature size and so saves the world from a tyrant.

There will be a special 90 minute performance in the auditorium this Wednesday, 13 June at 6.30pm. Those interested in attending should contact the school.

Original text: Akin Kaya. Translation: kc