46-year-old German woman detained Suspected IS member arrested at Cologne/Bonn airport

Cologne/Bonn · A 46-year-old German woman was arrested on Wednesday at Cologne/Bonn airport. She is suspected to be a member of the terrorist organisation „Islamic State“. The Federal Prosecutor is investigating.

According to the Attorney General, the woman is strongly suspected of being a member of the terroristic group „Islmaic State“ (IS), to have lived in Syria with her husband and to have purchased a house in Iraq. She was arrested upon arrival in Germany, brought to appear in front of the investigating magistrate at the Federal Supreme Court and is currently in custody.

The 46-year-old is thought to have decided at the end of 2014 to join the IS in the fight against the regime of Syrian ruler Baschar al-Assad and to participate in the building of an islamic state based on the model of the sharia, according to the Federal Prosecutor.

In January 2015, she married an IS warrior, via video chat from Germany, which is permitted under islamic law. At the start of February she travelled from Germany to meet her husband in Turkey. Together they are said to have gone to Syria. There she joined th IS.

The couple moved into an apartment provided by the IS. She was doing the housework, while he fought for the IS in combat missions. They received a monthly wage from the IS of 250 US dollar.

In June 2015, they both moved to Tal Afar in Iraq, where they lived in a house from which the rightful owners were driven out by the IS or fled from the IS.

In the middle of 2015, her husband was killed during battles. The 46-year-old German woman is thought to have decided to turn her back on the IS then and travelled to Turkey in October 2016. Now she returned to Germany and was arrested upon arrival.

The investigation continues.

Original text: GA Bonn
Translation: Mareike Graepel

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