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Injured animal stops traffic: Swan rescued from the A562 near Bonn

Injured animal stops traffic : Swan rescued from the A562 near Bonn

An apparently exhausted swan sat down on Tuesday morning on the Konrad Adenauer Bridge in Bonn. This prompted a motorist on the A562 to take unusual action.

On Tuesday morning, a swan, appearing to be injured, sat down to rest in the middle of the A562 autobahn on the Konrad Adenauer Bridge. It briefly paralyzed traffic traveling in the direction of Königswinter. The lane had to be closed shortly before the Ramersdorf exit.

Twitter user Daniela Kinkel filmed what happened and sent the video to General Anzeiger. One can see how the proud animal settled down on the road and the car behind it came to a halt. “Luckily, the driver stopped and called for rescuers,” said Kinkel.

It wasn’t exactly the safest thing to do on the part of the driver, but police confirmed to GA that everything turned out fine. Police and the fire department collected the animal and handed it over to a veterinarian. At 9:43 am, the road was open again.

(Orig. text: ga.de, Translation: ck)