Local transport SWB is now selling 365-Euro-Ticket

Bonn · The new 365-Euro-Ticket is now available. Only new customers can take out one of the 17,000 subscriptions. It is possible to order over the internet.

The subsidised annual ticket for new customers of Stadtwerke Bus und Bahn (SWB) can now be ordered. A corresponding order form is available on the SWB website. You can complete it and send it by email, hand it in at SWB service centres or send it by post to the collection points.

The climate ticket costs a total of 365.04 Euro over twelve months and the local transport provider will debit 30.42 Euro per month. It is valid within the city limits. Those ordering one for the coming twelve months, from 1 January 2019, will save a lot of money. Existing customers currently pay 82.30 Euro per month as subscribers to a city ticket or 987.60 Euro per year, almost three times the amount. The SWB can issue 17,000 of these climate tickets. There was not enough money made available by the federal government for a larger number. Longstanding existing customers can therefore not take advantage of the new offer. The city was afraid that if it gave access to everyone, there would hardly be anyone switching from cars to local transport. There has been criticism in political circles of this limiting factor and the associated unfairness towards current customers, for example from the Bonn Planning Committee chairman Rolf Beu (Greens) and the SPD city councillor Gabi Mayer.

According to SWB spokesperson Veronika John, the customer centre had around 160 emails with orders in its inbox on Monday. “Of course, these now all need to be checked,” said John. The SWB will compare the applicants with their data records. Only those who were not contract customers in the last twelve months can obtain the subscription. The ticket is not transferrable to another person. Neither can it be combined with the VRS Anschlussticket or the Einfachweiter-Ticket Nordrhein-Westfalen. However, from Mondays to Fridays from 7pm and all day on weekends and on public holidays, subscribers can take along up to three children between the ages of six and 14 free of charge as well as one additional person who is older than 14 years and a bicycle.

The subsidised climate ticket is part of the “Lead City” project funded by the federal government to the tune of almost 38 million Euros and intended to improve local transport and make it more attractive. Bonn is one of five cities taking part in this pilot project, which is initially limited to two years. Bonn itself is contributing two million Euros to the “Lead City” project. As well as subsidised fares like the climate ticket and a family-friendly 24-hour ticket for five people, who will be able to travel for the price of one in the future, more frequent services are planned. Part of the money is to flow into operational mobility management. The city will work with companies to develop joint strategies to relieve traffic flow during peak periods.

The order form is on the website. Click on the “Tickets and Tariffs” tab and then on “365-Euro-Ticket”on the drop down menu that appears.

(Original text: Philipp Königs. Translation: kc)

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