Improvements to air dome Swimmers happy about more warmth at the Friesi

Friesdorf · Swimmers are pleased about improvements at the Friesdorfer swimming pool. The city has used a partition wall to close the half open outdoor area in the changing rooms. The project will cost more than 1.3 million euros.

The city of Bonn has “improved” the Friesdorf air dome. Many visitors to the pool had complained about the temperatures in the changing rooms and on the way to the pool. Now the so-called Löwengang and corresponding revolving door connect the inside of the hall with the changing rooms and showers. The half open outdoor area has also been closed by a partition wall.

Visitors are pleased. A 35-year-old man from Friesdorf now comes to the Friesi up to twice a week with his three-year-old son to slowly get him used to the water. Under the white hood, held up by steel supports, the air temperature is 28 degrees. The average temperature of the pools is between 27 and 29 degrees.

Schools, clubs and citizens have been using the air dome since mid September

The Friesi has been open daily to schools, clubs and the public since the middle of September and therefore offers an alternative to the closed Kurfürstenbad.

The only criticism was the lack of a connection between the changing rooms and the indoor swimming pool. Originally, it was planned not to put changing cabins in the outdoor area. “However, to increase the usability of the indoor swimming pool, it was decided during the planning phase to also use the half-open outdoor area for changing rooms,” explains Marc Hoffmann, deputy press officer for the city of Bonn. This meant more schools and the public could visit the swimming pool at the same time.

The original cost estimate of around 1.3 million euro could not be met according to Hoffmann. Exact figures are currently being calculated and will probably be published at the start of February. Only then will it be seen whether and to what extent the air dome is profitable. “As a whole it has been very well received. Lots of families with children come, we have regular daily guests, walk-in customers and of course schools and clubs,” reports swimming pool manager Katharine Leicht of the period since the official opening. The figures prove her right.

In only two weeks in September, 2911 people visited the pool, in October there were 4043 visitors and in November the number rose to over 5000. The figures for December are not yet available. “Demand is increasing. Not all Bonn residents are yet aware of it as an indoor pool,” adds the pool manager, who has been in charge of the Friesdorfer swimming pool for a year.

City of Bonn and SG Wago offer swimming lessons

Various courses are also offered by the city of Bonn every Tuesday. Besides basic courses for children, adults can also learn to swim. SG Wago also holds swimming courses in Friesdorf. There are always two lanes available to the public.

The air dome has been rented for four years but will always be dismantled when the open air pool is operating.

(Original text: Kim Forster. Translation: kc)

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