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Bonn’s Old Town: Take a virtual tour of the cherry blossoms

Bonn’s Old Town : Take a virtual tour of the cherry blossoms

In the Old Town in Bonn, the cherry trees are in bloom, but fewer visitors than usual are coming to see them because of the pandemic. As an alternative, we offer a virtual 360-degree walk through the blossoms.

The cherry blossoms in Bonn's Old Town attract thousands of visitors every year.  Everyone is captivated by the beauty of the blossoms. In the pandemic, however, this is not possible for many people and large crowds are also not welcome in the narrow streets of the Old Town. The city of Bonn carries out regular checks there and has announced that it will close off sections of the street if the crowds become too large and compliance with hygiene and social distancing can no longer be guaranteed. Last year, the public order office closed off parts of the Old Town to visitors.

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This year, Heerstrasse and Breite Strasse remain open to visitors for the time being. Masks are compulsory in the designated sections of the Old Town until April 30. The masks may not be removed even for drinking, eating or smoking.  Masks must also be worn for photographs. Due to the unstable weather and some cooler temperatures in the past week, the blooming period has been extended until mid-April. The GA offers its readers a view of the delicate pink blossoms on their home screens. We have recorded an approximate six-minute walk through the cherry blossoms in the Old Town as a 360-degree video. For the best possible quality, please select 4K in the video settings. You can also change the viewing angle by holding down the mouse button.

Our 360-degree photos also give readers a chance to wind down, allowing virtual visitors to get some Old Town flair at their leisure.

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( Orig. text: Andreas Dyck; Translation: ck)