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Rescue services called out: Teen plunges six meters into former police headquarters

Rescue services called out : Teen plunges six meters into former police headquarters

A teenager fell about six meters into the former police headquarters and government building on Olof-Palme-Allee on Monday. Police and rescue services were on the scene.

On Monday evening, an accident occurred on the premises of the former police headquarters and state government building on Olof-Palme-Allee in Bonn. According to initial information from the police commander on the scene, two 14-year-olds apparently climbed onto the roof of the former sports hall on the site. While playing on the flat roof, one of the youths broke through a skylight and fell six meters.

As the fire department wrote in a press release, the abandoned building is heavily secured. It meant that the emergency responders had to climb down through a skylight to get in. At the same time, other police and fire department responders broke open several gates and doors so they could also reach the boy. According to initial information, the teenager was apparently lucky - his injuries were reportedly not life-threatening. He was taken to a hospital for treatment.

The firefighting unit of the Bad Godesberg fire station, units from the Tannenbusch fire station, which specializes in technical assistance, and other units from the Beuel fire station and the Holtorf firefighting unit were all on the scene. (Orig. text: ga / Translation: ck)