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“Fair Trade Town”: The association Transfair awards title to Bonn

“Fair Trade Town” : The association Transfair awards title to Bonn

The association Transfair has again awarded Bonn the title of “Fair Trade Town” for its support of fair trade. Five criteria must be met to be awarded the title.

The city of Bonn is allowed to carry the title “Fair Trade Town” for another two years. The certifying association Transfair awards the title in recognition of efforts to support fair trade. The aim is to fulfil five criteria. A council decision is in favour of supporting fair trade and a steering group with representatives from politics, civilian life and business coordinates all activities.

The Lord Mayor and the council serve Fair Trade coffee and shops and restaurants in the city offer Fair Trade products. Schools, churches and associations use fairly produced goods and make fair trade the subject of their educational work and local media reports on local activities.

The city was first awarded the title in 2010. Since then, Transfair has regularly reviewed the city’s commitment and, if the results are positive, awarded a certificate. Apart from Bonn, there are around 540 other districts in Germany carrying the title “Fair Trade Town” and internationally around 2000 cities in 36 countries.

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