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New concept: The Bahnhöfchen in Bonn-Beuel reopens

New concept : The Bahnhöfchen in Bonn-Beuel reopens

After five months of reconstruction, the listed Bahnhöfchen in Bonn-Beuel reopens. First, however, the traditional restaurant on the banks of the Rhine will start with a "soft opening."

A popular oldie of Bonn's gastro scene is back: the landmarked Beueler Bahnhöfchen from 1891 on the banks of the Rhine is now starting with a "soft opening". The new owner Alen Nabaty (35), is also the boss of the traditional Pützchen restaurant Zum Treppchen since 2017, and his team have spent five months rebuilding and renovating. For example, the power system, kitchen and bar were completely reinstalled.

There is room for 120 guests on the open-air terrace, and another 100 seats will be added on the terrace under the canopy of the little train station. For the interior, which has not yet been completed, the host plans to seat just under 50. The transparent and aging tarpaulin separating the two terrace areas is to be replaced in the future by a glass front with sliding doors, and the conversion has been applied for.

Soft opening here means that guests currently still pick up their food and drinks via self-service at a makeshift counter. "We're currently at about 50 percent of our offerings and will be ramping that up gradually through August," Nabaty announces. For now, there are four salad plates to choose from, for example with avocado and grilled vegetables (12.90 Euro ) or with grilled salmon fillet (17.90 Euro ), as well as six different tarte flambée, for example with goat cheese (13.90 Euro ).

Sion Kölsch and Bitburger Pils (0.25l for 2.70 Euro and 0.4l for 4.10 Euro ) are on tap, and Schöfferhofer wheat beers (0.5l for 4.70 Euro ) and Heineken Lager (0.25l for 3.50 Euro ) come from the bottle.

The provisional wine list includes seven open positions (0.2l) starting at 5.90 Euro , e.g. Pinot Gris from Weingut am Nil (Palatinate) for 6.50 Euro . Aperol Spritz and Lillet Wild Berry cost 6.20 Euro each.

In the Bahnhöfchen, the European soccer championships is being broadcast on five screens; for the future, Nabaty is also planning Bundesliga TV on Saturday afternoons.

Original text: Hagen Haas

Translation: Mareike Graepel