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Indian cuisine: The best Indian restaurants in Bonn

Indian cuisine : The best Indian restaurants in Bonn

There are a number of restaurants in Bonn offering Indian specialities. Here we provide an overview of the best Indian restaurants in and around the city.

A plethora of aromas, exotic herbs, refined recipes: Bonn has a large number of restaurants serving Indian cuisine. If you are feeling spoilt for choice, the GA can help - here is our guide to the top restaurants in Bonn.

Where are the best Indian restaurants in Bonn?

We say that there is no accounting for taste, but when it comes to Indian specialities, the people of Bonn seem to agree: The food is particularly delicious at the Taj India Restaurant on Kölnstraße, which was awarded the Traveller's Choice Award 2020, placing it amongst the most popular ten per cent of all restaurants worldwide. The sumptuous dishes on offer at Taj India can be enjoyed in a magnificent setting. In addition to set meals for two, three or four people, the menu includes all kinds of individual Indian specialities. Vegetarians will also find many dishes to choose from. The Taj India provides a delivery service as well.

The Taste of India, with both a North and South Indian restaurant, is also high up on the list in Bonn. The North Indian restaurant in the Rheingasse serves many dishes from the so-called tandoor, the traditional clay oven. The South Indian restaurant in Burbacher Straße serves traditional snacks and rice pancakes, as well as curries and fish and meat dishes. Vegetarians will also find a variety of options.

Mogul on Heerstrasse offers a wide range of both vegetarian and vegan cuisine. But meat lovers will not go hungry here, as the restaurant also offers a long list of chicken, lamb and fish dishes.

With so many purely vegetable dishes, spicy, sweet or both at the same time, there are very few cuisines that offer such a wide range of flavours as Indian. It is no wonder then that many Bonners love Indian food. Namaste on Ippendorfer Allee is also very popular, offering lunch every day except Tuesdays. Vegetarians will find a variety of meat-free curries here, among other things. The traditionally furnished restaurant also has a large terrace.

The Indian Palace restaurant in Bad Godesberg is also very well-frequented, partly because of the particularly large selection: from pakoras for starters to tikkas, biryani or tandoori dishes as mains and desserts such as gulab jamon or ras gula. Vegetarians will also find a wide selection of suitable dishes. In addition, there are various lunch deals from Tuesday to Friday. The Indian Palace in Bad Godesberg is also acclaimed for its ambience, with thick carpets and decorative statues. However, the restaurant also takes orders online for home delivery. The Indian Palace restaurant is located on Gotenstraße in Bonn-Bad Godesberg.

Popular dishes in India include chicken tikka and tandoori. These are often accompanied by the classic naan bread. Typical drinks are lassi, a yoghurt drink in many different variations, and ‘golden milk’, which has now become popular in Germany too.

By the way: The vegetarian-vegan restaurant Ananda on Acher Straße also serves Indian-inspired food and drinks. The vegetarian-vegan restaurant Cassius Garten on Maximilianstraße serves a variety of chutneys, which are also typical dishes.

Indian food in the Old Town

The Taj India is located in Bonn's Old Town, as is the Himalayak. Said by the owners to be the first Tibetan restaurant in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Himalayak is located on Bornheimer Straße. Here you can find unusual specialities such as tsam tuk, a soup made from roasted barley flour, or Tibetan dumplings served with salad. Vegetarians will also be spoilt for choice here.

Can you eat Indian food in Bonn-Ippendorf?

In Ippendorf, the menu at Namaste India includes typical dishes as well as lunch and a buffet. “Namaste” is a widespread greeting in India that means “I bow to you” and is also used in yoga practice.

Indian food in Bonn: Which Indian restaurants are close to the opera?

Those who want to combine a visit to the opera with a culinary excursion to India are best advised to choose between the Mogul restaurant, which offers Pakistani as well as Indian food, and the Taj India with its exotic, refined atmosphere. The Taste of India is also very close to the opera.

Indian food in Bonn-Südstadt

The Taste of India restaurant offering South Indian cuisine invites you to make a culinary journey at Burbacher Straße. The restaurant Nishas, which offers mostly vegetarian and vegan dishes, attracts diners with fresh and healthy Sri Lankan cuisine.

Which Indian restaurants have a delivery service?

Several restaurants in Bonn deliver their food themselves, others use delivery services such as Lieferando - the Maharaja on Bahnhofstraße in Duisdorf, for example, which serves a variety of classic Indian dishes, including burgers. The Maharaja also serves Indian dessert like gulab gamun. Sher Pur has an Indian menu with meat, fish, vegetarian dishes and various biryani, in addition to its pizza, burgers and salads. Sher Pur is located on Beueler Straße but delivers throughout the city.

The Best of India provides delivery service only. As the name suggests, this place is supposed to serve the best of Indian cuisine. At the Best of India, this even includes Indian pizza. The Gandhi House also only delivers. They have dishes with duck on the menu and their home-made naan bread is particularly popular.

Indian restaurants in the surrounding area

Outside of Bonn, it is more difficult to find Indian restaurants. One is the Royal India in the Troisdorf district of Spich, which offers a number of curry dishes, among other things.

In Cologne, of course, there is a lot more choice. The Masala Empire on Neptunplatz in Cologne-Ehrenfeld has North and South Indian cuisine. Ginti in Händelstraße near Rudolfplatz is a restaurant in Cologne that also offers cooking courses. The restaurant Kamasutra in Cologne states that it has won several awards.

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