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Beethoven 2020 Jubilee: The countdown is on

Beethoven 2020 Jubilee : The countdown is on

As birthplace of Beethoven, Bonn is making plans for the Beethoven Jubilee in 2020. A special kind of music event will be held in July to help forge the connection between residents and their native son turned musical genius.

Bonn is getting ready for the big Beethoven anniversary in 2020. The Beethoven Hall is being renovated, and projects are being planned by both large and smaller institutions, all wanting to make a contribution. “Bürger für Beethoven” (Citizens for Beethoven) is a local group which wants to create a consciousness for Beethoven’s achievements among all residents, not just fans of classic music. Bonn should see itself as the city of Beethoven, they believe.

To this end, the group has come up with a music initiative to be implemented by Bonn musicians from all different genres of music. “Beethoven Birthday Countdowns” in summer at the Marktplatz in Bonn city center, should help Bonn residents tune in to Beethoven. Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan will be the patron for the first “Music countdown” which will take place on July 15.

Musical acts will range from classic to rock to blues, cabaret and jazz. At 2 pm, local acts will take over the stage with a variety of performances. The program will also be accompanied by short interviews. At 7:30 pm, the day ends with a concert by the band “Sunny Skies” on the Marktplatz.

Rope Schmitz of “Sunny Skies” believes everyone living in Bonn should have a special affinity for Beethoven, as does Gregor Kess of the band “Drei.1”. The latter band will also perform on July 15, with it’s own material but also together with BEAThoven, formed by musicians from the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn.

Conductor Sibylle Wagner will take over the classic part of the program with young soloists, a choir of Syrian Christians, and Bonn singers performing some extracts from Beethoven pieces. Born in Munich, Wagner emphasizes Bonn’s special status as a city with rich cultural diversity, a reason she has chosen to call it home. (Orig. text: Verena Düren)