20th Corona death in Bonn The deceased Bonner had an existing illness

Bonn · The 52-year-old man from Bonn, who died in connection with the corona virus, has, contrary to a press release by the city of Bonn, had a pre-existing illness. Friends of the man criticised the city's false report.

 The corona infected person lay in the forest hospital.

The corona infected person lay in the forest hospital.

Foto: Axel Vogel

The man, who would have celebrated his 53rd birthday in a fortnight, was registered by the municipal health department as the 20th corona death in Bonn since the beginning of the pandemic. Friends of the deceased had become aware of the city's press release, after the GA had published it online on Monday evening. They pointed out on social networks that the 52-year-old had suffered from kidney disease before his corona infection.

"That must have been clear to the doctors in the hospital," a close friend of the family, who does not want to be quoted by name, told the GA on Tuesday. He described the course of the corona disease of the man, who leaves behind his wife and six children aged between 12 and 33 years, as highly dramatic. When the wife had already tested positive for corona, the deceased's test initially turned out negative, he reports. Later, the 52-year-old developed high fever and other severe symptoms. This time the test was positive and he was taken to hospital. From then on, a tragedy must have taken place there - this is the Waldkrankenhaus - about the family father: "It went up and down at first," reports the friend, who, like the oldest son, is 33 years old and calls himself - since he was orphaned at an early age - the foster son of the deceased. Then serious complications arose, nobody was allowed to visit his foster father, he continues. "Of course it was all very difficult."

Another good friend of the deceased is Jörg Lämmchen. The car mechanic, who runs a car repair shop in Troisdorf, had also complained on Facebook about the city's press release because it did not correspond to the facts. "I was subsequently called a corona denier by some. I certainly am not," he says. He was more concerned with factual accuracy. He had respect for the virus and was careful. "But I am against scaremongering and panic-mongering, and that is what such reports are for," says the 56-year-old.

Waldkrankenhaus cannot explain false reports

The Waldkrankenhaus itself does not know how this report came about. "As a matter of principle, the hospitals do not provide any information about the previous state of health when reporting to the public health department about deceased people in connection with Corona," assures Michael Forst from the press office of the Johanniter-Klinken, to which the Waldkrankenhaus also belongs. The city of Bonn contradicts this. "Up to now, we have always been informed by the hospitals whether the deceased had a previous illness," emphasises vice-city spokesman Marc Hoffmann. Since nothing was noted on the report from the Waldkrankenhaus, it was assumed that there had been no previous illness. "We will now take responsibility and apologise for this mistake.“

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen; Translation: Mareike Graepel)
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