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Rhine River recovering: The level of the Rhine rises

Rhine River recovering : The level of the Rhine rises

The long dry spell wrecked havoc with businesses that depend on the Rhine River for transporting passengers and goods. But recent heavy rainfall has prompted a speedy recovery.

The Rhine River is recovering after the long dry spell thanks to heavy rainfall since Sunday. Bonn received 41 liters per square meter, but also in the southern basin of the Rhine, the water level rose to 2.15 meters on Tuesday at 5:30 pm. The last time it reached this level was on July 10, 2018. On all of the147 days that followed, the water level was lower. On October 22, the level of the Rhine even dropped to 79 centimeters.

Because of the recent precipitation, the Rhine level rose by 82 centimeters within 24 hours, and the tendency is that it will continue to rise. This would allow the freight ships to carry bigger loads again on the Rhine.

Ships and ferries that carry passenger traffic on the Rhine have also suffered enormous financial losses due to the extremely low water level. Numerous tours had to be cancelled, and personnel had to be laid off.

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