Corona Pandemic The medieval Christmas market in Siegburg is cancelled

Siegburg · The Advent season in Siegburg this year takes place without jugglers, craftsmen and „Büttel“: The city has cancelled the medieval market. Even the smaller event under hygienic conditions is therefore off the table.

 Market hustle and bustle with music in 2019 on the market square in Siegburg.

Market hustle and bustle with music in 2019 on the market square in Siegburg.

Foto: Meike Böschemeyer

The medieval market at Christmas time in Siegburg cannot take place in view of the current Corona situation. This decision was made by the City of Siegburg and the organiser, the Mittelalter Marketing GmbH from Stadthagen, after careful consideration. "Anything else would not have been a responsible decision", said Mayor Franz Huhn and market manager Daniel Diekmann.

Everyone hoped that the Christmas market could take place with the Corona concept. "For some of us this is also a severe financial blow. For many of us, this would have been the first opportunity to earn something this year. But we have to weigh up the risks. And with the current figures, the risk is simply too great," said Diekmann. The health of the visitors comes first, he said.

Finally, according to Diekmann, financial considerations also speak in favour of the cancellation: "A market that does not take place does not incur any costs. But if a market is cancelled shortly before the start or during the event, additional costs are incurred, such as electricity, staff and accommodation, which cannot be recouped". The organisers also expect losses for hotels, restaurants and shops in Siegburg.

According to Huhn, the cancellation was a very difficult decision: "We worked on alternative concepts until the very end, on a smaller market version with no mulled wine stands, on one-way regulations for visitors and special hygiene concepts. But the dynamic events and the constantly increasing number of infected people leave us no other chance". The medieval market has been held in Siegburg for 29 years and has had a supra-regional impact during this time. The atmosphere is unique among the Christmas markets in the region. The city wants to continue the tradition in any case.

(Original text: Bettina Köhl / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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