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Lookout point for hikers and wine lovers : The most spectacular wine view is over the town of Mayschoss

Lookout point for hikers and wine lovers : The most spectacular wine view is over the town of Mayschoss

The rustic plaque bears the inscription "Schönste Weinsicht 2020” (Most Beautiful Wine View 2020). The German Wine Institute has declared that exactly this view of the old wine village Mayschoss and the Ahr valley is one of the most beautiful in the entire region.

What locals and guests of the Ahr have long known is now officially confirmed, so to speak: The view from the plateau of the Mayschosser Saffenburg to the old wine village and into the Ahr valley is one of the most beautiful in the entire region. For those who have never heard of it, the Saffenburg is an old castle complex ruins which sits on a plateau over the valley. It is a scenic location that captivates the senses and inspires visitors to stay and linger a little while.

This is especially true in autumn when the colors are changing. One sees the Moenchberg on the other side, one of the best vineyards of the Ahr. A church tower rises steeply into the sky, while the houses are nestled into the narrow valley.

The German Wine Institute named the site on the Ahr River the "Most Beautiful Wine View 2020". This puts it in the same category with others who have shared the honor: Altenahrer Eck (2012) and the Dernauer Sonderberg (2016).

A standing plaque with an abstract grape motif marks the spot for an optimal view over the village and into the landscape. The plaque is made of rusty shimmering weatherproof steel and is an eye-catcher on the plateau.

"It's one of my favorite places," confirmed Emily Bäcker, Wine Queen of the Mayschosser region, at the unveiling of the plaque together with Frank Schulz, head of the Communications Department of the German Wine Institute.

As a representative of the Ahr Wine Association, Matthias Baltes, the chairman of the winegrowers' cooperative Mayschoß-Altenahr, moderated the ceremony. He reminded people that the special site had been kept up over the decades because of volunteer work by members of the Saffenburg Association. Their efforts allowed it to become an attraction for wine and nature lovers.

“(I am) proud to stand at the most beautiful wine view 2020", said the mayor of Mayschosser, Hubertus Kunz. He thanked the administrator of the von Arenberg estates on the Ahr, Jan Kwade, for permission from the owner, Prince Pierre of Arenberg, to use the vantage point.

History, culture and natural beauty combined in one place

"The square combines history, culture and natural beauty", Kunz quoted from the notification which informed them of the honor. The Ahr had sent three different vantage points into the competition for the most beautiful wine view 2020 and this view won.

Association Mayor Cornelia Weigand listed a number of superlatives that describe the area: best winegrowers, best wines, oldest winegrowers' cooperative, nature, forests, stone walls. She spoke about the wine-growing tradition which has been around since Roman times. And a special attitude to life which distinguishes the region.

Horst Gies was the first district representative to extend his congratulations. "It is simply gorgeous here, and there are wines to go with it," he exclaimed.

Wine tourism as an economic factor

Frank Schulz from the German Wine Institute reported that the decision for the "Schönste Weinsicht 2020" (Most Beautiful Wine View 2020) in all 13 German wine growing regions had taken place for the first time without a jury, but publicly and online. There was big participation. One decisive factor for a location to be awarded the prize is that it is easily accessible on foot or by bike.

"With this initiative, we want to create new tourist destinations in the wine growing regions that entice visitors to visit the wine regions and enjoy the wines on site," said Schulz. Wine tourism is developing into a growing economic factor - not only in the Ahr valley.

(Orig. text: Christine Schulz; Translation: ck)