Nikolausmarkt in Bad Godesberg cancelled The nativity scene will be on display at Theaterplatz

Bad Godesberg · Although the Nikolaus Christmas Market in Bad Godesberg is cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Christmas spirit will still be present. Christmas lights will make it festive, the nativity scene will be set up and a Sunday shopping day is planned.

 The traditional “Abglühen” at the Bad Godesberg Christmas market: It won’t be taking place this year.

The traditional “Abglühen” at the Bad Godesberg Christmas market: It won’t be taking place this year.

Foto: Barbara Frommann

Based on the sound of Jürgen Bruder’s voice, one can surmise that it was not easy for him to cancel this year's Nikolausmarkt in the Bad Godesberg pedestrian zone. After all, the market is a part of Christmas for all Bad Godesbergers, just like potato pancakes, domino sweets and Christmas stollen. A few days ago the chairman of Bad Godesberg Stadtmarketing (City Marketing) was still confident. "We would like to stick with it and let it take place", Bruder told the GA at the end of last week. And now comes the cancellation. He sighs and says that this year "a lot of things are just different.”

Due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases, letting the Christmas market take place would be “irresponsible." Bruder is also thinking of the stall operators who need to know for their planning purposes if the market will take place or not. But Bad Godesbergers will not be completely void of a pre-Christmas flair in the city. The nativity scene is to be on display as usual at Theaterplatz, reminding passers-by of the approaching Christmas.

There will be no mulled wine

Jürgen brother's wish is that two or three stalls be set up near the nativity scene. Then one could offer potato pancakes or other foods typically found at German Christmas markets. But this means that any stall operators would have to obtain a permit themselves and develop an appropriate hygiene concept on their own. These are, however, initial thoughts, more discussions need to take place and feasibility still has to be checked. Bruder made one thing clear: there will be no mulled wine.

Another matter close to the heart for the city marketing chairman is that there be Christmas lights in the streets again this year. He calls on all business owners to take an active part in the lighting. It is important that many participate so that the costs are covered. Especially this year, when the Nikolausmarkt is cancelled, they will rely on lighting and decorations to create a festive Christmas atmosphere. Bruder also emphasizes that stores in Bad Godesberg city center will be open for business on the first Sunday of Advent.

Since 2017 mulled wine has been served at Moltkeplatz

Since 2017, there has been another meeting place for Bad Godesberg residents during the Christmas season: At Moltkeplatz, Ralf Reifenberg offers mulled wine and one or two snacks. It is still unclear whether this will be available this year. Reifenberg has submitted all applications to the city administration - with an appropriate hygiene concept. "So far, however, I have not yet received any information from the city," Reifenberg says. He still has a "spark of hope”.

Orig. text: Maximilian Mühlen

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