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Covid-19 in Bonn: The number of cases has risen sharply in these areas of Bonn

Covid-19 in Bonn : The number of cases has risen sharply in these areas of Bonn

The incidence rate in Bonn has recently risen sharply. A look at the individual city districts shows that the case numbers vary among them. In some parts of the city, the numbers rose particularly sharply recently, as our interactive map shows.

The city of Bonn has seen a significant increase in Covid-19 cases in recent weeks. The incidence rate for the city, which indicates the number of cases for a period of seven days per 100,000 inhabitants, was 193.3 on Friday. The fact that the incidences in the districts of Bonn vary greatly is shown by a look at data in the 62 different statistical districts, which the city always publishes with a delay of a few days. The cut-off date for the latest assessment was November 15, when the seven-day incidence was still around 140. The current rates are therefore likely to be significantly higher.

At the beginning of November, a first micro-geographic analysis of the city in cooperation with the Bonn research institute Infas 360, the University of Bonn and the university hospital reflected that socially disadvantaged population groups are more affected by infections than others. Low income groups, densely populated areas and a high proportion of migrants are included in the more vulnerable groups where the virus spreads quite easily.

Where the incidence rates in Bonn are particularly high

In the recently analyzed period, 462 new infections were registered. One week earlier, there were 339, and three weeks earlier it was 173. A look at the current map shows where the highest incidences are in the various districts. The figures have recently risen sharply in Medinghoven, Graurheindorf and Duisdorf-Nord. With more than 400, Medinghoven is the front-runner in the Hardtberg district, followed by Neu-Tannenbusch, Graurheindorf and Duisdorf-Nord, each with an incidence of more than 300. The north of Bonn is again strongly hit in the fourth wave of Covid, although the figures are also high in most other districts. Only in 23 districts was the incidence value below 100, and in only eight districts was it recently below 50.

Looking at the other city districts, the case numbers in Beuel were particularly high in Oberkassel (226.3) and Holtorf (283.8), but high numbers were also recorded in the northern districts of Beuel, such as Geislar (177.3) and Vilich-Rheindorf (183.1). In the Bad Godesberg district, incidence was highest in Pennenfeld (250.2), followed by Obermehlem (231.4) and Bad Godesberg-Nord (224.3). The lowest case numbers were in the Godesberg Kurviertel (the area in the vicinity of the Rigal’sche Wiese), with an incidence of 0, and in Pützchen/Bechlinghoven (19.6) and Dottendorf (35.6).

( Orig. text: Andreas Dyck; Translation: ck)