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Water level of 1.17 meters: The Rhine waters are dropping again

Water level of 1.17 meters : The Rhine waters are dropping again

The Rhine level is dropping again after a minimal rise last week, at the moment it is at 1.17 meters.

Proper islands are towering up out of the Rhine, stony tongues are stretching far into the middle of the stream, forcing container vessels and sightseeing ships to use the outer side of the river bend, where the stream is usually a bit deeper. Pedestrians are daring to walk far into the river bed, which normally isn’t this revealing.

For the past few days, the water levels were dropping again, after being at a 1.28 meter level at the beginning of October. During the summer, the river rarely passed the 1.50-meter mark. The last time it had its highest level this year was on June 13, with 4.13 meters, and that is not very high in comparison to high water levels of 10.13 meter like in December 1993. The edge of the riverbank in Brassert alone is 8.80 meters high.

The low waters also affect consumer prices. Because the transport ships can’t load as much as they normally do, the transport costs are rising. The consulting firm agragheute reports that the prices for cereals, oilseeds, animal feed as well as fertiliser, fuels and other operating resources are rising, because the shipping companies have to react with supplemental charges on the higher logistical effort.

For pedestrians though this time offers the most beautiful photo opportunities, and the anglers are also reporting a better catch quota.

(Original text: Dylan Cem Akalin; Translation: Mareike Graepel)