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Nursing staff shortage in Sankt Augustin: The situation in the St. Monika nursing home is improving

Nursing staff shortage in Sankt Augustin : The situation in the St. Monika nursing home is improving

After the emergency at Easter, the St. Monika nursing home in Sankt Augustin and other similar facilities return to normality. A new state ordinance for the isolated accommodation of home residents is now causing concern.

District Administrator Sebastian Schuster has thanked all rescue workers for their great commitment at the St. Monika nursing home in Sankt Augustin, where the personnel situation has eased again in the meantime, according to information provided by the executing agency CBT. On Friday, residents infected with the corona virus had to be evacuated to the hospital after the Malteser International had ensured the basic care of the elderly people the night before.

Lack of planning and bad luck

The fact that so many senior citizens and employees were infected at one go in Sankt Augustin has to do with "lack of planning and bad luck", according to Rainer Meilicke, head of the district health office: "The employees were protected with masks, but they did not assume that so many residents were already infected. The time before Easter had then aggravated the personnel situation.

Employees back from quarantine

According to Annette Zang, press spokeswoman of the Caritas-Betriebsführungs- und Trägergesellschaft mbH (CBT), several employees have already returned to the St. Augustine senior citizens' home due to relaxed quarantine conditions. One of the first residents to be infected is healthy again, and the others should also be brought back home from the hospital as soon as possible.

There are still cases of corona in seven old people's homes in the Rhein-Sieg district, but the head of the health department gave the all-clear for nine homes on Tuesday. "Tomorrow morning, however, things may be different again," Meilicke explained.

Malteser were on duty for 500 hours

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Malteser International took stock of its mission in Sankt Augustin. The medical team of the Bornheim Malteser had relieved colleagues from Lohmar and cared for senior citizens.

"The gratitude of the people was clearly noticeable", said Jasmin Klinkner, paramedic in the medical team. The partial evacuation of the old people's home, in which numerous volunteers were involved, dragged on into the night, with the last Bornheim auxiliaries starting their journey home at 0.30 am.

All in all, Malteser International volunteers from Bad Honnef, Bornheim, Lohmar, Meckenheim, Rheinbach, Sankt Augustin and Siegburg worked more than 500 hours. "The cooperation with the Malteser's forces, but also with the forces of the Johanniter, the DLRG and the German Red Cross, was extremely professional and goal-oriented", said Niklas Fischer, platoon leader of the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis's Einsatzeinheit 04.

According to Robert Faßbender, city representative of the Bornheim Malteser, such operations reflect the indispensability of disaster control: "Universally applicable, professional, powerful, persevering and humane. We hope that this will remain in the memory of those responsible even after the acute crisis".

New Corona Inclusion Ordinance causes concern

The district administration is currently concerned about the Corona admission regulation of the state, which regulates that nursing homes have to create isolation areas "in appropriate size". Here, newly admitted residents and those returning from hospital are to be separated.

If the capacities in the nursing homes are not sufficient, the districts are to make rooms available.

This is a new challenge, because single rooms with showers are not available in the district council building.