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It will get hot again once more: The weather forecast for Bonn and the region

It will get hot again once more : The weather forecast for Bonn and the region

After an already dry and warm Wednesday, it will be really hot for just one more day. Temperatures up to and over 30 degrees are predicted. Here’s a look at the forecast.

After the heavy storms last week in Bonn and the region, Wednesday was pleasantly summery, warm and dry. It will stay warm at first - even very warm, but with a catch.

At night the umbrella could become a companion again. There is also a high probability of rain on Thursday in Bonn. But the temperatures will climb to hot 32 degrees. After that the hot summer says goodbye for now.

Because the rest of the week will remain wet and grey. But there is some good news: For the time being it should not be as tropical as in the past weeks. Temperatures will drop to around 26 degrees Celsius on Friday and Saturday in Bonn and the region. Most of the time it will remain cloudy, but light rain is possible at times. On Sunday it will cool down even more, temperatures are predicted to reach 22 degrees Celsius with many clouds.

(Original text: ga; Translation: Mareike Graepel)