Forecast for Bonn and the surrounding area The weather over Easter

Bonn/Region · The weather at Easter can be very changeable. From egg hunts in the snow, rain or storm to chocolate bunnies melting in the sun, anything is possible. This is what we can expect from the weather over Easter in and around Bonn.

A cautious weather forecast can be made a week before Easter.

A cautious weather forecast can be made a week before Easter.

Foto: dpa/Klaus-Dietmar Gabbert

There's just one week to go until Easter. A preliminary weather forecast shows at least one trend for the Easter period from Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday for Bonn and the surrounding area.

After a cold front on the weekend before Easter put a damper on spring, milder air is expected to return during Holy Week, as predicted by meteorologist Karsten Brandt of (as of 22 March). "There won't be any Easter egg hunts in the snow this year," Brandt tells GA.

An exact forecast is difficult at the moment. The reason for this is an area of low pressure over the UK that is slowly moving to Germany, increasing the risk of precipitation. Its exact location could make a big difference before Easter. "It could be as little as 50 kilometres," says Brandt. However, the weather expert stresses that even if it rains, it is likely to remain mild. Because "the fronts above us are mild".

Wetter Online is also unable to give an exact forecast for Easter due to the low pressure area over the UK. According to a statement, the risk of rain is increasing, especially in the north-west of the country. "On the whole, however, it looks more friendly than wet," says the Met Office.

There are also several possible scenarios for temperatures. "According to the European weather model, there could even be the first summer day (25 degrees and above) of the year," says the Met Office. However, most forecasters are predicting temperatures between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius. For Good Friday, Wetter Online predicts a high of 18 degrees across the country.

Brandt also tells GA that Easter will be around 17 degrees. For Easter Sunday, however, he is currently predicting rain and temperatures of around 12 degrees. "But something is bound to change," says Brandt.

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